Living naturally with wood

We want you to feel at home in our buildings. That’s why, in our opinion, only the most natural and versatile of all construction materials is good enough for your home. Wood meets the highest standards for residential construction:

  • A renewable material
  • Favourable energy values
  • A naturally regulated, healthy indoor climate
  • Uncompromising in its aesthetics

Wood is also the material of choice for multi-storey constructions. Modern designs, ingenious structures, new processing methods and innovative domestic engineering all increase the ways that wood can be used.

Multi-storey wood housing is now in great demand. Thanks to technical innovations, apartment buildings of timber construction now fulfil the highest requirements in terms of fire and noise protection. They are energy efficient, economic and offer every conceivable freedom for architectural design and interior finishing. You can count on our experience when it comes to complex multi-storey residential buildings.

Wood in new dimensions

Timber construction in large dimensions is our speciality, from design and planning to implementation, from new builds and conversions to extensions and renovations. Thanks to the high degree of prefabrication in our factory, we can complete your project efficiently, in good time and on schedule. We also make careful use of resources. Ultimately, your property should be sustainable and cost efficient.

Project development

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A team of personnel and clients discuss a drawing on a plan

Timber construction planning and engineering

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Hand with pen and plan


Sustainable timber modules with microapartments
Residential construction apartement building

Apartment building in the Rhine Valley Residential construction apartement building

Chalet feel in the ‘TurmfalkeSuites’  Residential construction apartement building

Library in timber construction Office and administration, Residential construction apartement building

Morgensonne timber construction apartment building Residential construction apartement building, Commercial and industrial

New Quellenhof apartment building Residential construction apartement building

Recycling of an apartment building Residential construction apartement building

Schlösslipark apartment buildings Residential construction apartement building

Sunnehof residential development Residential construction apartement building

Wood-concrete hybrid build for Stiftung Tanne Healthcare and care facilities, Residential construction apartement building

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