Inspiration without limits

If the design of cultural buildings and art installations is inspired by a vision, this should not be limited by the material. With its natural versatility, wood provides inspiration of its own. Even seemingly impossible projects can be made a reality without any compromises in terms of functionality, costs and timing.

State-of-the-art processing techniques combined with traditional craftsmanship allow us to implement innovative ideas. Please challenge us with your own extraordinary vision. 

Inspiring art and cultural buildings

  • The versatility of wood offers limitless potential
  • State-of-the-art processing techniques and know-how
  • Durable, robust material

Free Form

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The interior is dominated by the tree-like wooden supporting structure. The skylights in the ceiling light up the vast space. The doors and individual details on the walls are designed in an oriental wooden structure.

International projects

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Carpenter/installer on an international construction site holding a radio


A wooden loop Art and culture

Carnal Hall Art and culture

Hotel Kulm stands Art and culture

Sound pavilion Art and culture

Swatch S1 office building Office and administration, Art and culture

The wave wall Art and culture

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