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When it comes to large-scale industrial and commercial buildings, you can rely on us completely. We design, produce and assemble challenging supporting structures with large spans. Our engineered timber construction and prefabrication in our factory produce decisive benefits. We can keep construction times short and costs low for you. Wood also creates a natural and pleasant indoor working environment.

As a sustainable raw material, wood can be sourced locally in large volumes. To build with wood is to make a clear statement and to look to the future.

Challenging commercial buildings

  • Short construction times
  • Low costs
  • Pleasant indoor climate
  • Sustainable construction
  • Prefabrication creates reliability in terms of budget and deadlines
  • Easily adaptable to changing requirements at short notice

Project development

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A team of personnel and clients discuss a drawing on a plan

General contractor services

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Discussion in the planning team of the timber construction general contractor department of Blumer Lehmann


Apartment building with commercial and living spaces Residential construction apartement building, Commercial and industrial

Blumer-Lehmann AG production hall Commercial and industrial

Landi branch Commercial and industrial

Lorry garage Commercial and industrial

Migros temporary store Temporary buildings, Commercial and industrial

New replacement building Mazda garage Commercial and industrial

Organic bakery Commercial and industrial

Storage, office and sales space Commercial and industrial

Temporary building for SGBK Commercial and industrial

The Umbrellas Commercial and industrial

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