When we look for types of housing that offer great flexibility for new concepts and changing circumstances while also being environmentally friendly and sustainable, the search quickly leads to timber construction. Modular timber construction in particular, based on an efficient system and prefabricated in series, holds the answer to requirements for residential buildings, both now and in the future.

The many and varied ways people live their lives today are as diverse as the requirements they have of their own homes. Creating enjoyable living spaces means responding to these very requirements. This applies to co-living models for students and individuals as well as older adults, for cooperative living or supported housing. It therefore stands to reason that a building and its spaces and functions should also adapt to these requirements. Investors and building contractors need to respond to the growing demand for individual and sustainable living spaces. This is where modular construction offers a variety of flexible options.


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Microliving in Appenzell

This three-storey modular timber structure features one- and two-room apartments, providing comfortable, centrally located housing as well as compact living spaces with a small environmental footprint.

Integral to this small-scale living concept are high levels of quality, comfort and wellbeing and a sense of community. It took barely 10 weeks of on-site construction to transform 18 factory-produced timber modules into nine high-quality apartments, each with a floor area of 47 m2. All come equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and electrics, and the compact living space also includes a balcony. A roof terrace covering 150 m2 is accessible to all tenants and is used and maintained communally.

The modular timber construction in the centre of Herisau with nine microapartments

Residential building with lots of timber and low CO2 emissions

The large amounts of timber used in both the interior and exterior of this three-storey residential building ensure an excellent carbon footprint. The exposed timber surfaces made from spruce create a cosy feel inside, while the rear-ventilated facade is stained white and was designed together with the monument preservation authorities to fit with the townscape.

Living room with timber walls, dark red floor and built-in furniture

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Temporary housing for students

Affordable housing is being created for students and their guests in a temporary building in St. Gallen. Its aim is to function as a showcase project for sustainability and climate-conscious construction.

It is already clear from the outset that the modules can be reused somewhere else when no longer needed. This innovative modular residential building also includes a sophisticated energy concept, drawing heavily on the powers of nature and featuring natural methods of ventilation, a solar power system and intelligent heat storage. Ingenious shading systems, a green roof plus arcades and balconies create a comfortable indoor climate and cosy feel to the living spaces. They also make it easier for residents to meet and connect. The contemporary residential building thus also meets the increasing need to incorporate nature into the design of outside areas, which in turn function as interactive spaces for residents. Also planned are meeting rooms, a function room, study spaces, a gym and a music room for social events and activities.

Visualisierung Mikrowohnungen Holzmodulbau

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Modular timber loft

Extend, replace and densify

Modular timber lofts adapt to existing requirements and structural conditions and create valuable space in city centres where public space is in short supply. The concept also fills and densifies gaps between buildings as well as allowing temporary use of wasteland areas.

The concept creates exceptional spaces for high-quality living. Its attractive architecture allows it to blend in seamlessly with existing rows of houses. Produced and fitted out in our factory, the timber modules deliver certainty both in terms of scheduling and quality. What’s more, time spent on the construction site is brief and creates very little noise.

The layouts offer flexible design possibilities, permitting a range of possible uses across the entire life cycle of a building and thus guaranteeing a long service life. When they are no longer needed, the modular structures are easy to reassemble at a different location. This allows unused city-centre spaces to generate added value, either on a temporary or long-term basis, and be put to interim use. Temporary modular structures also mean that projects can be planned within a building lease model.

Visualisierung der Modular Timber Loft

Virtual view of a modular timber loft

Living in a timber module

The 3D visualisation of a modular timber loft shows the interior finishing and use of materials in an apartment. The interactive tour provides a realistic experience of an apartment. Get a virtual glimpse.

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Visualisierte Innenansicht einer Wohnung in der Modular Timber Loft

Modular construction

Live, work, thrive

How we live, think and act today shapes our future. Megatrends define how our world will look tomorrow and the way we live, work – and build. Our comprehensive ‘Modular Construction’ brochure tells you all you need to know about achievable models for the future, built with timber.

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Titelbild der Broschüre Modulares Bauen

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