Modular timber construction one step ahead: The basic models from Blumer Lehmann, specially developed for educational institutions, combine fast planning with maximum flexibility.Times and costs for planning and production are optimised. Both base models can be adapted specifically to requirements and the relevant site area. They also fulfil all legal standards as well as energy and structural requirements.

The idea

Standardised, serially-produced modular constructions should provide flexible, high-quality space for educational institutions in a short space of time.


Two base models that can be configured according to your individual requirements and include fixed functional spaces serve as a basis for planning your school building, kindergarten, children’s daycare centre or grammar school.

The biggest benefit

Children, young people and teaching staff will all benefit from the healthy learning environment in the timber modules. As a client, you will benefit from a high level of certainty in terms of costs, deadlines and quality and you can rely on the proven quality of our standardised constructions. In Blumer Lehmann, you also have an experienced contact that will take full responsibility for co-ordinating reliable partners both in the production hall and on the construction site.

The benefits for clients

  • Efficient and reliable planning and implementation
  • Base models can be adapted individually and flexibly to requirements and sites
  • Short planning times, rapid production and very short installation times on the construction site
  • Lower planning and construction costs
  • Reliable scheduling
  • No disruption to school operations – extension and conversion during the summer holidays
  • Long-term space planning and financing for schools
  • Various financing models
  • Sustainable construction with re-usable modules and natural construction materials
  • Individual design of floor plans, interior design and facades
  • Planning using Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Base models

The two optimised base models in small and large versions offer everything required of a modern school or daycare facility. A range of options covers all additional specific requirements.

Abbildung der Basismodelle klein und gross

Main rooms

Fixed room units determine the basic grid. The diversity of designs and floor plans is created by intelligently combining and extending the room units. With sensible planning, this allows a wide variety of school concepts to be implemented via modern educational constructions.


At least three modular building units are combined to create a classroom providing space for 20 to 24 children or young people.

Group/separation room:

Accessible from two sides and comprising two modular building units, a separation room allows concentrated work in groups independently of classes

Abbildung der Haupträume mit Unterrichtsraum sowie Gruppen- und Teilungsraum

Infrastructure rooms

Teachers’ room:

Fitted out with a small kitchenette, the teachers’ room allows teaching staff to hold undisturbed conversations and prepare lessons.

Wet rooms:

The size of the wet rooms is based upon the dimensions of the overall modular educational construction and is compliant with local directives.

Technical room:

Electrical, heating and air-conditioning installations are housed in the technical room.

Stairwell: Internal access within the modular educational construction is provided via a stairwell as standard. External arcades in timber or steel, lifts or external access via external staircases can also be provided as an option.

Abbildung der Infrastrukturräume mit Lehrerraum, Treppenhaus, Nasszellen und Technik

Virtual Insight

Timber school module

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Ansicht der Visualisierung Schulbau-Modul


In the spotlight

Various cladding options are available for the facade design of the modular educational construction. You can choose between a pure timber facade or integrating other materials through to PV surfaces. With individual facades and different surfaces, school buildings, children’s daycare centres or kindergartens can blend seamlessly into existing building complexes and offer inviting designs.

Visualisierung eines Schulhauses mit Fassadengestaltung

Facade design concept

With various options for arranging and dividing the facade elements and individual selection of materials, the character of the buildings can be adapted to the location.

Visualisierung des Gestaltungskonzept für Fassaden

Facade shading

Modern solar shading solutions complement the facade concept, casting shadows in a variety of ways and protecting the building against the wind and weather:

  • Awnings
  • Composite louvres
  • Folding sliding shutters
  • Sliding shutters
  • Continuous arcades
Abbildung der Beschattungsvarianten

Modular construction brochure

Educational space for the future

More information
Abbildung Titelseite der Modulbaubroschüre

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