The modular, mobile construction method of the future

Modern lifestyles and social structures require fresh thinking in the construction sector. Central priorities include responsible use of available space, affordable housing and maximum flexibility. Modular timber construction offers solutions for these visions. The resulting cell forms offer huge potential and are also incredibly versatile despite serial production and standardised architectural concepts. They’re also aesthetically pleasing

Focus on flexibility

  • Flexibility is central to our company philosophy, which is why we need new design and usage concepts for buildings with various applications.
  • Modular timber construction guarantees the high finishing quality required for both temporary and permanent buildings.
  • Cell-form buildings meet the strictest ecological, energy, indoor climate, structural and soundproofing requirements
  • The impressive energy efficiency of timber constructions also includes modular construction
  • The trend towards simplified and CO2-optimised construction favours timber construction with a high degree of prefabrication
  • Structures with prefabricated elements can be designed individually and aesthetically
  • Modular construction systems can be adapted flexibly to changing demands and requirements

Your contact for modular buildings

Migga Hug
GC services | Modular construction sales
Member of the Executive Board
T +41 71 388 58 23

Your contact for modular buildings in French-speaking Switzerland

Yannick Neumann
Modular construction sales, French-speaking Switzerland
T +41 71 388 52 75

Process reliability and efficiency

From a single component to a module

  • Modular construction includes structural building elements, individual components, room-sized modules and entire residential units
  • Defined planning and production processes reduce costs and use meaningful synergies
  • Production in weather-protected halls increases productivity and guarantees consistent quality of components
  • Planning requirements are predictable and costs can be controlled
3 modules with black walls beneath a wooden ceiling.

Aesthetic demands

Versatile modular constructions

Modular structures offer freedom of design for architects and allow more aesthetically pleasing construction. Facade design and floor plan concepts offer a variety of design options. A combination of modular construction and conventional supporting structures enables architecturally and aesthetically appealing implementation

The temporary modular construction is designed to last for the next 10 years.

The fast and flexible way to create space

Modular buildings are the ideal solution when you need additional space at short notice. However, the potential of modular construction is far from having been exhausted. It can be applied wherever certain standardisations allow serial production. Even today, the applications for modular buildings are almost unlimited:

«Standardised and economic yet customisable and sustainable – modular timber construction covers these very requirements!»

Production of modular constructions in our plant

Concentrated construction in cities

The benefits of modular construction are particularly coming into play in cities. Traffic obstructions owing to construction works are only short. In a flexible modular system, commercial and residential space is always built within a short time frame. Space is quickly ready for occupation and generating a return. Projects for interim use, such as the Lattich site in St. Gallen, are also feasible. The 45 modules on the site around the rail freight depot will provide space for small businesses in the creative sector for 10 to 15 years.

Aerial photograph of the Lattich building directly adjacent to the train station

Modular school buildings

Many municipalities and school communities are already resolving the acute need for additional space in school buildings with modular structures. These are suitable for permanent use as well as for meeting temporary space requirements during conversion works, for example. You can find information and references for modular school buildings in our references.

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The modular construction not only provides a colourful classroom environment, it also has a vibrant facade.

Housing for asylum-seekers

When adequate space is required at short notice during a crisis, the priorities are:

  • Flexible planning
  • High certainty of costs
  • Short delivery times
  • Sustainable construction
Overall view of the Grosshof asylum centre

modulart – modular construction lab

Has the subject of modular construction piqued your interest? Would you like to dive deeper? On the Modulart online platform, we offer you a laboratory for systematic thinking and construction. The platform highlights the various benefits and presents pioneering projects, research work, visionary clients, architects and planners.

Join the discussion!

MODULART modular construction lab

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