Old and new perfectly combined

Extensions, conversions and additional storeys can seldom be planned completely in advance. That’s why specialist knowledge and extensive experience are essential. Our experts think flexibly. This allows them to fulfil your requirements, while at the same time achieving a perfect interplay of old and new, both in terms of aesthetics and energy efficiency. Our experienced experts will plan and deliver your project while taking into account:

  • Form and style
  • Heritage protection requirements
  • Fire regulations
  • Statics
  • Energy efficiency requirements
  • Sound insulation
«As carpenters, we’re experts in building shells. This is where the biggest potential for energy savings can be found.»
Christian Giger, qualified energy consultant

Your contact for conversions, renovations and extensions

Peter Holenstein
Conversion and Renovation sales
T +41 71 388 58 46

Cost-efficient conversion in timber construction

Older buildings, such as restaurants, commercial and residential buildings, often lack the structural load-bearing capacity to allow extensions or additional storeys in solid construction. With its low weight and good structural properties, timber construction is the only solution.

Wood element construction also enables short construction times and buildings typically remain capable of use or occupation during construction. Our tightly organised construction management and clearly defined points of intersection guarantee cost-efficient conversions.

Front view of the extensively renovated single-family house amid green surroundings and a vast flower meadow in front of the entrance area in fine weather

Renovations with wood for optimal energy efficiency

Timber constructions typically fulfil the latest energy efficiency and comfort standards, such as Minergie, from the outset. Wood is the construction material of choice for energy-efficient renovations, offering ideal material properties. What’s more, prefabrication of components guarantees highly accurate construction. Timber constructions are outstanding when it comes to energy efficiency. Compared with solid constructions, they achieve significantly higher insulation values with the same wall thickness. This allows older structures to be whipped into energy-efficient shape, even with minimal wall thicknesses, which can even free up additional living space.

Open attic bathed in light, secured with glass and wooden guardrails. The roof slopes are clad with wide wooden beams.

Our complete renovation package

  • Complete recording of the building
  • Feasibility studies
  • Handling funding proposals
  • Coordinating energy certifications
  • Component calculations
  • Proposals for renovation
  • Implementation planning
  • Building applications for renovations
  • Construction support as GC or joint GC 
  • Production and assembly of timber constructions
When old meets new, a unique and impressive combination is created.

Gain space with extensions and additional storeys

When you need more space at home or you’re running out of production space, additional storeys or extensions in timber construction are ideal solutions. We can adapt your property to changing living situations or company circumstances and create room for growth. Additional storeys or extensions in timber construction impress not only in terms of cost efficiency but also for structural reasons. Your architect or our specialist planner will ensure a successful combination of old and new from an aesthetic perspective.

White apartment building with an additional storey

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