Gain space with extensions and additional storeys

When you need more space at home or you’re running out of production space, additional storeys or extensions in timber construction are ideal solutions. We can adapt your property to changing living situations or company circumstances and create room for growth. Additional storeys or extensions in timber construction impress not only in terms of cost efficiency but also for structural reasons. Your architect or our specialist planner will ensure a successful combination of old and new from an aesthetic perspective.

Cost-efficient conversion in timber construction

Older buildings, such as restaurants, commercial and residential buildings, often lack the structural load-bearing capacity to allow extensions or additional storeys in solid construction. With its low weight and good structural properties, timber construction is the only solution.

Wood element construction also enables short construction times and buildings typically remain capable of use or occupation during construction. Our tightly organised construction management and clearly defined points of intersection guarantee cost-efficient conversions.

Our complete renovation package

  • Complete recording of the building
  • Feasibility studies
  • Handling funding proposals
  • Coordinating energy certifications
  • Component calculations
  • Proposals for renovation
  • Implementation planning
  • Building applications for renovations
  • Construction support as GC or joint GC 
  • Production and assembly of timber constructions

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Advice from a reconstruction professional?

Mr Peter Holenstein will be pleased to assist you.

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Services timber construction

General contractor services

Project development


  • Discussion in the planning team of the timber construction general contractor department of Blumer Lehmann
  • A team of personnel and clients discuss a drawing on a plan
  • The milling head processes the piece of wood on the CNC machine. The shavings fly off.

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