High precision, maximum flexibility

From supporting structures to elements and modules, we have the right production facilities for all types, requirements and complexities of construction. The starting point for the entire production process for components is mathematically precise 3D models, depending on the machine and specific task. This is how we ensure optimal precision in our construction, production and assembly.

Element production

Element production is essentially the foundation of timber construction. This is where traditional wood elements are produced in frame construction, including nailing, clamping, milling and drilling. This can be done manually or completely automatically, according to requirements, using the WMS multi-function bridge. We produce around 1,500 wall, roof and ceiling elements per year. The elements can be installed as individual components at the construction site or assembled into complete room modules in our factory.

Wall, roof and ceiling elements are nailed, clamped, milled and drilled with the help of the WMS

Our machinery

  • SPM2 panel cutting; for processing a variety of wood-based panels
  • Hundegger K3 factory assembly; for all types of production of wood components; cutting to length, drilling, milling and planing
  • Weinmann WMS element and module production; produces wall, roof and ceiling elements; nailing, clamping, milling and drilling
  • Technowood TW-Mill 2015 Free Form timber framing; for processing complex components with three five-axle assembly units and eight dollies
A selection of drilling tools for the milling head

Module production

Systematic building concepts allow us to produce individual structural elements or entire room cells in our factory. In module production, the eventual rooms take on additional form and function at every stage of the process. The defined specification level is applied by the subcontractors (painters, electricians or sanitary and heating engineers) directly to the modules in our production hall.

Parts production and factory assembly

Our machinery comprises three factory assembly systems of different sizes, enabling customised production for your components. Depending on costs and customer requirements, we’ll use our SPM2, Hundegger K3, Krüsi Lignamatic or TW-Mill 2015 factory assembly systems. Or possibly even all of them at the same time.

Our specialists’ know-how in programming and operating the machines ensures flexible and precise production. Our largest CNC system with its five-axle assembly units and eight dollies enables the processing of a single-curved or double-curved component on all six sides. The machines are controlled via state-of-the-art CAD/CAM programming produced by our specialists in-house.

Processing of complex components on the CNC trimming line at the Blumer Lehmann factory.
«Our TW-Mill 2015 mills and planes in considerable dimensions: 27 m length, 5.5 m width and 1.35 m height. Or, to give an illustrative example: we could mill a Porsche on it crosswise or an oversized On trainer. »
Katharina Lehmann, President of the Board of Directors

Production of an On trainer on a CNC machine


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