Smooth, pragmatic, precise

All projects are unique in their own way. The design and assembly of timber construction projects of all types and dimensions requires solution-focused thinking, know-how, experience, a high degree of flexibility and an open mind. The trained carpenters on our assembly team will display all of these qualities when devising an assembly concept and working on the construction site to ensure the success of your project.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and digital networking, our experts can make themselves available wherever their specialist knowledge is called for and their experience is required. Our 17 to 20 teams with 23 vehicles equipped to modern standards work on around 150 construction sites in Switzerland and abroad every year to make the extraordinary a reality.

Close collaboration, clear communication

Our partnership with customers extends far beyond the construction itself. We ensure the completely smooth progress of your project. You can confidently rely on the experience and expertise of our construction experts  as well as that of the project manager. The project manager’s core responsibilities include planning and coordinating the entire construction project and organising the logistics.

Working on site and in constant discussion with the project manager, the site manager ensures smooth assembly with detailed assembly documentation and expert instructions. Clear communication is key to the whole process. Only as a team and by mutual agreement can rapid and flexible solutions be found.

Project manager and team at the centre of the construction process for Free Form projects.

Safety is our top priority

Whether our personnel are working in Switzerland or anywhere in the world, their safety is of paramount importance to us. Our teams are very familiar with both domestic and foreign safety standards. We make significant investments in the training and materials of our experts. Our return on this investment is safe, smooth construction work without accidents. We value our personnel highly.

Assembly worker checks his safety equipment<br/>

Superlative construction site

The construction of the new Swatch Group headquarters in Biel comprises 4,600 different timber beams. The planning of the production, construction site and logistics concept for delivering components was a carefully coordinated master stroke. And the assembly, along with all processes, was planned and monitored down to the finest detail. Find out more about the extraordinary construction project.

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An assembly worker with an orange hoisting crane amid the timber construction of the Swatch building

Quality down to the smallest detail

We fulfil the highest standards

  • Rapid and logistically optimised work on the construction site
  • Work in accordance with SUVA guidelines
  • Construction types from modular construction and wood element construction to Free Form for all applications
  • Concepts for monitoring and checking supporting structures
Two workers with helmets sit on a timber construction hammering in nails.

International assembly

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Job vacancies

International projects

  • A young employee with dark hair and a beard and wearing a grey T-shirt, looking over his shoulder at the camera. A pile of cut wood can be seen in the background.
  • Carpenter/installer on an international construction site holding a radio

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