Know-how and technology for every dimension

Wood, truly the most versatile material of all, opens up almost limitless possibilities. As experienced wood specialists, we strongly believe that we are far from reaching the limits of what can be achieved. Clients, architects and investors appreciate the innovative and wide-ranging ways wood can be used. They also opt for timber construction due to its resource efficiency, cost effectiveness and certainty of costs and deadlines.

We can deliver sustainable projects for you that meet the highest aesthetic, economic and functional requirements. We’ll support your architectural vision with expertise and commitment through to the finished building. Our extensive know-how will be at your disposal throughout each phase of the development process.

«On timber construction projects, it’s advantageous to make contact with the timber construction specialist as early as possible. This allows integrated planning and simplifies the process.»

Our timber construction products

When it comes to timber constructions of all types and dimensions, you’re in good hands with us. You can learn about the different areas of application where wood is the perfect construction material here: housing, offices + administration, commercial + industrial, education + research, healthcare + care facilities, hotels + restaurants, agriculture, art + culture, leisure + sport.

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Large Omega lettering in red on the new timber office building with glazed front. In the background, personnel can be seen at their workstations.

Why is a Mock-up important?

Testing and developing the idea with the client, architect and manufacturer on a mock-up during the design process provides key aspects of assembly, logistics, quality, and costs. Or in simple terms: safety.

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