Technically and aesthetically inspiring

Non-standard to the highest degree and unique in every detail. That’s Free Form, the premier class of timber construction. Fascinating Free Form timber supporting structures and shell structures create astonishing buildings. Some Free Form constructions appear almost impossible. All Free Form constructions amaze onlookers with their complexity and set themselves apart with the highly individual nature of each component.

We make architectural visions a reality in accordance with the rules of engineering and timber construction. State-of-the-art planning and production methods open up new possibilities and redefine the limits of what can be achieved, allowing ideas of complex constructions and dynamic forms to be physically manifested.

Making extraordinary timber construction ideas a reality

From the visionary to the amazingly simple, we deliver extraordinary projects worldwide, on time, on budget and to the highest quality. Our qualified personnel, digital planning tools and modern, in-house CNC production make it all possible. We’ll be your point of contact throughout all phases of the project, from technical development and construction to assembly. Coordinating the various work stages – developing the geometry, structural engineering, building physics, production, logistics and assembly – is one of the core responsibilities of our experienced project managers.

From idea to finished Free Form construction

  • Project development 
  • Parametric planning
  • 3D modelling
  • Mock-up, scale display model
  • Project management
  • Timber construction planning, engineering
  • Assembly, logistics

3D planning

The key to innovative buildings

There are almost no limits to creativity in modern timber construction. Thanks to parametric planning and programming, we can successfully harmonise even the most unusual forms, functions and constructions and produce these on our systems at competitive prices.

An employee working at two screens. A 3D model of the Swatch building in Biel can be seen on screen.

Project management

Organising, coordinating, managing

The project management team is at the centre of construction activity throughout all stages of the planning and construction process. Coordinating and managing subcontractors and suppliers requires a high level of expertise. The project manager and the team will ensure that the construction meets the required quality and that deadlines and costs are adhered to. They’ll also organise the complicated logistics, which often involve huge distances on foreign projects. The project management team acts as a link between the site manager and client to ensure smooth progress in construction.

Man wearing glasses and blue shirt sitting at desk and looking at the camera. Documents can be seen on the desk.


Complex structures

Complex structures are challenges we take on every day. And we’re ideally equipped for them. Depending on project requirements, we’ll find the right machine at our production facility. The five-axle CNC machine, for example, is our centrepiece when it comes to Free Form production and can process even the most complex components.

A timber beam is processed on the TW-Mill

Construction of Swatch headquarters

Precision in Free Form

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Free Form Holzbau Golfresort Haesley Nine Bridges

Einzigartige Holz-Architektur auf dem Golfplatz

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Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Club, full exterior shot of the Recreation Centre at night, with illuminated windows and underside of the roof

Street furniture production in wood

How the On trainer was milled on our CNC machine

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