Assembly instructions

You are now the lucky owner of a Blumer Lehmann spiral tree. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to assemble it and make it into your own personalised Christmas tree. Whether at home or in the office, it will create a Christmas atmosphere in next to no time.

Package contents

  • 1 spiral tree
  • 1 rectangular timber slat (tree trunk)
  • 1 base unit
  • 1 wing nut
  • Wood wool from Swiss timber, free from wood preserver or additives (this is also fine to use to light a barbecue or in the fireplace, or can simply be disposed of as organic waste).

Step 1

Check the contents of the box.

Step 2

Place the rectangular base unit on the floor and screw in the wooden rod until finger-tight.

Step 3

Lift the spiral tree panel and place the threaded part at the top end of the rod through the hole in the middle of the spiral. Now let the spiral tree panel slide slowly to the ground.  

Step 4

Position the base in the centre of the spiral tree panel. To ensure a firm connection to the rod, unscrew the wing nut and fasten until finger-tight. And you’re done. Now the tree can be decorated; your creativity knows no limits.


  • Height: 1 m
  • Width : 59 cm
  • Depth: 59 cm

Please note

Kindly bear in mind that the spiral tree is a timber product and as such is flammable. For this reason, any open fires and candles should be kept away from the tree. We also recommend paying attention to your fingers during assembly and disassembly, as they can easily get caught!

Spiralbaum aus Holz geschmückt

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