Timber construction and engineering

Knie's Magician’s Hat Free Form timber construction


Wood element construction

Theatre in St. Gallen


Free Form timber construction

Swatch – A milestone in the history of timber construction


Fascinating Precision

Building with wood is more than a trend


Fascinating world of wood

Experience the fascination


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Timber construction is high-tech – naturally high-tech

Anyone who builds with wood will find that we have much to offer: we have the know-how, technical capabilities and experience to create innovative yet enduring solutions. Whether it’s housing, commercial or industrial buildings, schools, offices or sports facilities: be inspired by the fascinating world of wood. 

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Timber structure with curved beams and outside views


Know-how and technology for every dimension

Wood, truly the most versatile material of all, opens up almost limitless possibilities. As experienced wood specialists, we strongly believe that we are far from reaching the limits of what can be achieved. 

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A team of personnel and clients discuss a drawing on a plan

Free Form

Technically and aesthetically inspiring

Non-standard to the highest degree and unique in every detail. That’s Free Form, the premier class of timber construction. Fascinating Free Form timber supporting structures and shell structures create astonishing buildings. 

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The tree-like wooden supporting structure dominates the entrance area of the Cambridge Mosque. The floor is designed as a grey/blue tiled mosaic while the walls are of two-coloured clinker brick with oriental motifs.

Modular construction

The modular, mobile construction method of the future

Modern lifestyles and social structures require fresh thinking in the construction sector. Central priorities include responsible use of available space, affordable housing and maximum flexibility. Modular timber construction offers solutions for these visions. 

The sun shines on an empty module hanging from a crane

Flexible modular timber construction for schools

Many municipalities and school communities are already resolving the acute need for additional space in school buildings with modular structures. These are suitable for permanent use as well as for meeting temporary space requirements during conversion works, for example. You can find information and references for modular school buildings in our references.

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The modular construction not only provides a colourful classroom environment, it also has a vibrant facade.


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Extension of the east wing, Hotel Bad Horn

Urbach Tower

Maggie’s Centre, Leeds

The flying classroom

Agricultural centre extension

  • View of a modular hotel room with double bed and red bench at Hotel Bad Horn.
  • Overall view of the Urbach Tower in the evening sun. The size of the tower is clearly apparent from the person standing next to the tower who looks very small. The specially formed wooden structure is particularly striking amid the hilly landscape.
  • Overall view of the Maggie’s Centre building in Leeds, in the evening
  • Visualisation of a single-storey, temporary school building in Berlin Schönefeld. The wooden facade stands out against the green meadow and blue sky.
  • The additional detail, also in wood, catches the eye.

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